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Adoption Day Leader

  •  Being at event a half an hour before to help set up

  • Staying a half an hour later to clean up

  • Communicating with the public

  • Screening any potential adoptions

  • Snuggling cats and walking the dogs.

Animal Transport

  • Helping transport animals from where they are being surrendered from to a designated foster home

  • Helping transport animals to appointments/events when their foster home is not able.

Photographer Assistant

  • Making appointments with Darcy Evans and foster homes to get all updated pictures of our animals in care

  • Helping find transportation for animal to said appointments if the foster home isn't able to take them

  • Uploading the pictures that Darcy Evans sends to our website

To complete the Volunteer Application Online, please fill out and submit below.           *Please note that all fields must be filled out to submit*

Donation/Supplies Transport

  • Helping pick up and/or drop off items that have been donated.

  • Helping keep track of our supply stock and insuring that they are full. 

  • Assisting foster homes in your area to get the supplies they need.

Volunteer Opportunities...

Graphic Designer

  • Provide our team with original designs to help us with media and fundraising

  • Have the tools available to create designs based on our needs

  • Work with our fundraising team to design different products such as clothing and promotional materials

There are also many other positions that have no title but are equally important and need to be fulfilled, for example we need volunteers to help do the laundry (or transport it to and from our partner, Page the Cleaner) from our animals we have in the pet stores, and we can always use help handling animals at adoption events as many of our foster homes foster more than one animal and not all foster parents can attend with their animals. There is no such thing as a small job in our organization; all are equally  important and help us reach our main goal: saving animals. As we continue to grow more positions are created and need to be filled. We value any extra set of hands or minds filled with ideas on how to help. 

Being as we are a non-profit organization our volunteers do not get paid with money but with love and assurance they are doing whatever they can to help give voice to the voiceless, care for the helpless, and keep more animals from a fate they do not deserve. 

To become a valued member of our rescue and help our cause simply fill out a volunteer application and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  If you have any questions or concerns send an email to Nikki at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Cat Cuddler

  • Visiting our cats in stores.

  • Tidying the cages.

  • Taking photos of the cats visited and posting to facebook.

  • Observing our cats and letting the coordinators know if you notice something strange going on with them.

To download and print the Volunteer Application, please clickHERE

Are you looking for opportunity to do more for our furry friends in the community? Are you saddened and outraged when you hear of wonderful animals having to be put down because there's no space them? Or perhaps you're tired of sitting on the sidelines as you see helpless being abused and neglected and you want to help. If any of these things made you answer yes than you have come to the right place. infinite WOOFS Animal Rescue is an organization founded on a collective love of animals and our need to help. 

 Our rescue is continuing to grow and we are in constant need of fosters for all types of animals but there is more to saving animals than just a place for them to stay, we have many positions available that are all key in helping save these precious lives. 

Below, you can view just some of the many volunteer positions that we need filled as well as a brief description of their responsibilities.

Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society