Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society

 Foster homes allow us to keep on rescuing. If you would like to provide temporary care and housing for one of our cats please fill out the foster application today!

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Kitty Foster Homes Needed...

You supply:

-A safe, clean, indoor only, heated living space

-Frequent updates, bios and photos of your foster cat

-Transportation* to vet appointments and monthly adoption events (when applicable)

For more information, please contact Lynn @

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Contact Lynn at for more information.

We will:

-Match you with a cat that suits your family, lifestyle and time commitments

-Cover all medical costs and veterinary care

-Supply all food, dishes, bed, toys, litter box and litter

-Provide ongoing support

In return you can expect:

-Lots of purrs and Kitty cuddles

-To make some new friends by joining an awesome community of like minded people

-To make a tangible difference in the life of an animal

-To enrich your life by having a pet without the financial responsibility or lifelong commitment